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Vukovar "Decameron" / "The Three Shades"
7" Lathe Cut by the wonder that is 3.45RPM
Edition of 61 Hand Cut Discs.

Artwork by Andrzej Klimowski
"A few words about Klimowski? Impossible. You can't capture an imagination such as his in a sentence or two. He is a free man and you'll never catch him. He is Klimowski, unafraid. "Harold Pinter"

I Don't know how to describe Vukovar..So......

"With influences far and wide – from Joy Division to the Shangri-Las, from Nick Cave to Billy Fury " -Paul Scott-Bates "Louder than war"
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Price £12.00

Plus P&P
Uk £3.50
Europe £5.60
US and Rest of World £ 6.50

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