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May Day Greetings

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Sharron Kraus and Justin Hopper

Ivory bw Rottingdean


Edition of 99 Lathe discs.

After collaborating on 'Chanctonbury Rings' this release sees Justin Hopper and Sharron Kraus joining forces again, this time using the poems of Victor Neuburg as their starting point.

This record is part of a set of releases including the LP "Swift Wings" and 'Obsolete Spells: Poems & Prose from Victor Neuburg & the Vine Press', edited by Justin Hopper and published by Strange Attractor Press.

SP037 will incude, badges, ceramic token and photos.. .. the Usual, Unusual!

cost £12 plus p&p

Payment to

Paypal to

UK £4.00

Europe £7.00

USA £10.00

Rest of World Please email

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