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Thank You

The long awaited SP020 is slated to arrive on Halloween 31st October. It's way beyond anything we've done since SP002.

I'm trying to put a few words together to explain it's genesis which may well be part of the release.

So, SP020 is a Lathe Cut 8" single from "PEFKIN"

Celebrating 20 years of PEFKIN creating beautifully, ethereal and liminal sounds rooted in both the Natural and Super Natural worlds.

It will come with:

8" Lathe Cut Single with Locked Grooves. (It's not stuck! Just locked at a point so that it will repeat forever!) This makes every disc unique because it's not a precicse science, with each disc being hand cut.

Gayle has kindly put together a Retrospective CD of hand picked tracks from the 20 years PEFKIN has been making music. It's a beautiful collection of music, with personal reflections on each song.

Gayle has also chosen 2 photos to accompany the CD taken on her many wanderings in the wild plus a photo from the PEFKIN arcive. Together with a B+W still taken by Steve Scott at Gayles legendary performance at the "Jackdaw Room", Sheffield in March 2017, (audience of 14. Imagine)

The cover is an illustration on the theme by Alan Davidson (Kitchen Cynics) somtimes of this Parish.

There is NO TOKEN with this realease!! In its' stead, Bev has made individual CROW heads in black grog. ( a mini sculpture of the corvid kind) Housed in a velvet pouch.

Gayle has collected various Flora and Fauna, housed in a small glass Phial.

There are 2 badges, a hand collected Crow feather from Tideswell Church, gleaned on the morning of 12th July 2020 between 9.00am  and 10.00am.

Price £25.00



Uk £4.50

Europe £7.00

US £ 15.00

Please contact for ROW


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