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Sonido Polifonico SP014

Limited 7” Lathe cut:Edition of 97

Hand stamped and numbered.

Hand assembled covers,

 2 badges,

unique ceramic token by Bev Seth and Your very own Wheel of Fortune!

(not to mention a sliver of an old log book. That will take you back or leave you puzzled.)

SP014 sees a collaboration between Scottish Folk singer Alasdair Roberts and Sheffield's James Green.
Side A  A rendition of the Classic "Inchworm"  from the 1952 film "Hans Christian Andersen"
Side B  " Wheel of Fortune" an arrangement of a Traditional Folk song learnt from the singing of Alexander Harley
Covers 2.jpg
Back cover2.jpg

£12.00 plus P+P

UK £3.60

Europe £6.20

USA/Canada £8.50

Please contact for R.O.W

Paypal  to

Sold Out. Thank You

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